At Shared Commercial Kitchen we offer a multitude of services that our competitors do not.


Product photography is critical in making an impact with your customers. High quality professional photos are important for web sites, catalogs, and brochures.

The professional photographer that we have access to has over ten years of experience in food and commercial product photography. The relationship that Shared Commercial Kitchen has with NesliHunFoto has allows us to give our clients discounted rates for professional product pictures.

Her services include catalog photography, marketing photography, print and web, and photography retouching.

Nesli also works with professional food stylists and connects with them for specific projects. View her portfolio NesliHunFoto.

Graphic Design
We also offer high quality graphic design professionals that can start up your business with the right logo and labels for your products and get you brochures, labels, or fliers made specifically for your business with high impact.

Product Development
We have access to UPC and Nutritional Fact service providers that are fast and efficient.

Web Design
If you are looking for a high impact website we have web designers that can get you and professional website up and running.

Other services
Legal services, accounting/book keeping, business to business, wholesalers, and other start up needs are met at Shared Commercial Kitchen.


To rent at Shared Commercial Kitchen one needs to be Servesafe certified and have liability insurance. We require at $250.00 deposit and a have a minimum monthly charge of $150.00.


Hourly rates per month:
1-30 hours at $20.00/hour
31-60 hours at $18.00/hour
61+ hours at $16.00/hour

Kitchen storage rates per month:
$2.50/linear foot of shelving

Fridgerator storage rates per month:
$10.00/linear foot of shelving

Freezer storage rates per month:
$10.00/linear foot of shelving

Warehouse storage rates per month:
$1.50/ square foot

Equipment rentals:

10'x10' tents $50/day

Assorted tables $20/day

165 quart coolers $30/day


All storage is on a first come first server basis.

Yearly leases are available upon negotiation.


FDA State of California
Food & Drug Administrator
1350 Front St #4021
San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: 619.525.4195

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Catering License
County of San Diego Environmental Health
12th and Main Street in the Trolley Bldg.
Phone: 619.338.2222